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About "Virtual" Conference

11th International Conference “Fats & Oils Istanbul / Feeds & Grains Istanbul” will be held on ONLINE on 21st April 2020, Tuesday on the internet.
Virtual delegates of the event will be able to ask their questions to the speakers during the conference.
FOI-FGI 2020 “V” Speakers will answer all questions at a split-screen ONLINE SPEAKERS PANEL which can be viewed by the delegates by entering our conference website.
The event will give the attendants the opportunity to understand what our markets are doing amid this colossal coronavirus pandemic.
– Will the world food supply chain be affected by this crisis?
– Will governments overreact to the crisis by limiting exports and increasing their stockpiles?
– Will the word trade logistics be able to cope with restrictions and lockdowns?
– Will Turkey’s importing fats/oils, feed & flour milling industries be able to maintain their regular supplies?
– Should we expect oil, compound feed & wheat flour shortages on supermarket shelves, in the world and specifically in Turkey?
All these matters will be addressed in a full-day conference and a consequent speakers’ panel.

Conference Programme

Simultaneous translation will be available.


Programme is subject to change without notice.

Tuesday, 21 April 2020

Opening Speech Rint Akyüz, Chair, Organising Committee - FOI/FGI 2020 "V"

At his Opening Speech, Acting Chairman of Food & Drink Industry Associations Of Turkey, Rint Akyüz, will address the difficulties expecting Turkey's food supply chain and will give information on talks with government officials on the matter and he will express his opinions.

Keynote Speech - What Lies Ahead in the World Markets Post-Coronavirus in 2020 Dan Basse, AgResource Co, USA

The Keynote Speaker for this 11th event will again be Dan Basse of AgResource, Chicago. Dan will be talking directly from Chicago, addressing the world economic climate amid the coronovirus crisis and he will express his views about what lies ahead for our businesses in the months coming until the end of 2020.

Recent South America Soy Crop Condition & Logistics Emily French, ConsiliAgra, Chicago, USA

Emily French of ConsiliAgra, Chicago will address the delegates about the recent state of South American soy crops and she deliberate on how the logistic difficulties there will influence the world soybean trade in 2020.

Russian Export Restrictions & Black Sea Logistics amid Coronavirus Pandemic Dmitry Rylko, IKAR, Moscow, Russia

Dmitry Rylko, the General Director of IKAR, Moscow will tell us what the Russian government is thinking and planning in the wake of this coronovirus pandemic. He will also address the crop conditions ahead of the new season and how the export logistics can be affected.

Current Sunflowerseeds & Sunoil Trade Amid the Pandemic Jonathan Grange, Sunstone Brokers, Montreux, Switzerland

Jonathan Grange of Sunstone Brokers, Switzerland will deliberate on the current sunflowerseed & sunoil trade and how it was affected following the spread of the pandemic. He will also share his price exepectations for the sun complex following the worldwide crisis.

Lunch break
Latest on State Tender Shipments from the Black Sea/What Can Turkey Expect? Hakan Bahçeci, Hakan Agro, Dubai, UAE

Hakan Bahçeci, the CEO of Hakan Agro will tell us about the supply problems being experienced especially in the Black Sea, during the coronovirus pandemic and the state of  shipments of wheat, oilseeds and vegoils. How will Turkey’s supply will be affected?

What Turkish Retail Market & Economy Can Expect After the Pandemic in 2020? Erdal Kesrelioğlu, Aeon Consultancy, Istanbul, Turkey

Erdal Kesrelioğlu of Aeon Consultancy, will update his analysis of the Turkish retail food sector for the rest of 2020 together with his thoughts on Turkish economy following this global coronavirus epidemic. Shall we expect shortages on the supermarket shelves?

Can Turkey be Self Sufficient for 2020 & Wheatflour Exports Ali İhsan Özkaşıkçı, Anatolia Flour Industrialists' Association, Ankara, Turkey

Ali İhsan Özkaşıkçı, the Chairman of Anatolian Flour Industrialists' Association will discuss what Turkish millers can expect if Russian wheat exports are disrupted and whether Turkey can be self-sufficient following the new harvest.

Can Turkish Vegoil Industry Operate Normally amid Coronavirus Pandemic? Faik Genç, AgriPro, Istanbul, Turkey

Faik Genç of AgriPro will talk about the difficulties lying ahead in the wake of the crisis and whether import dependent Turkish fats & oils industry can carry on with its normal operations. What shall we expect and what measures the government must take in order to keep the supply chain running?

FOI - FGI 2020 "V" Speakers Panel
End of Conference

About Online Conference

FOI-FGI 2020 “V” will be the first ever online virtual conference organised by AgriPro.
Amid a worldwide pandamic and social distancing of millions all over the world and almost all traders working from home in solitude, this will be an opportunity for the delegates to remain connected to business via top speakers giving their opinions over a full-day conference and the consequent Speakers’ Panel.
The registered delegates will be sent a link with a “unique code” to enter the conference website and watch the event live from a “single” computer, tablet or mobile device. The unique code will not work on additional devices.
We shall be utilising a number of softwares like Zoom, Skype, Microsoft Teams etc. and we will integrate these tools via an interface into our own website, in order to execute the event.
We shall have “live” simultaneous translation of the event between English-Turkish and Turkish-English.
  • We have 10+ years of experience in executing agri events.
  • We have hosted a total of 2,500+ delegates from 27 countries at our events over the years.

Event Speakers

Dan Basse
AgResource Co, Chicago, USA
Jonathan Grange
Sunstone Brokers, Switzerland
Faik Genç
AgriPro Ltd., Istanbul, Turkey
Dmitry Rylko
IKAR, Moscow, Russia
Hakan Bahçeci
Hakan Agro, Dubai, UAE
Ali İhsan Özkaşıkçı
Anatolia Flour Industrialists’ Association, Ankara, Turkey
Emily French
ConsiliAgra, Chicago, USA
Erdal Kesrelioğlu
Aeon Consultancy, Istanbul, Turkey


  • FOI-FGI 2020 "V" Conference

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FOI-FGI 2020

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